Watching Choice TV

Who can watch Choice TV?

Everyone! Choice TV is available to 100% of New Zealand's television-watching households. Find us on Freeview channel 12 or SKY channel 024

For helping tuning in, and for more details about Freeview and SKY, find out more here. 


I'm a new viewer – how do I found out what shows are on?

We run themed nights of programming during primetime 7.30pm-10pm each night.

Mondays: Our World/Travel, Tuesdays: Property & Design, Wednesdays: Great Outdoors/Fishing, Thursdays: Food, Fridays: Home & Garden, and the Weekends: Comedy/Drama/Entertainment.

In addition, weekdays from 5pm-6pm is the Food Hour, 6-7pm is the Property Hour and 7pm-7.30pm is our Traders & Collectors lineup. 

Check out our online TV guide for full listings.


Where can I find out the week's programme listings?

The easiest way is on the EPG (electronic programme guide) or through our online tv guide. Our listings are also published in the weekly TV Guide Magazine, the Herald on Sunday's 'View' magazine and The Listener. 


Recording Shows

Why can't I 'series link' shows on MySky?

Sky are working on being able to series link Choice and other channels not currently offering the service.
We are pleased to announce that several Choice TV shows can now be series linked on SKY, and others are in the pipeline. 


I'm trying to 'series link' a show on Freeview or SKY, but don't want to record the repeats as well. What can I do?

Make sure you record the first showing of each programme. For example, if you want to record a show that first airs 8pm Mondays, then series link the 8pm Monday showing - and not a Tuesday repeat. 


On Demand

Is the On Demand service available to everyone?

Pretty much! Our New On Demand service launched on the 30th of November, 2015. You can access it here.

Why aren't all your shows On Demand?

We put as many shows as we can On Demand, but it depends what rights are available. 


How can I get On Demand help?

Please visit the On Demand Help Page here.

Newsletters & Website

I'm having trouble entering a website competition. I've already registered to the website, but when I fill out the competition entry form, then try to log-in, I get error messages or told my email address has already been taken?

If you've registered in the past, it's essential you log-in to the website BEFORE you fill out the competition entry form to avoid this happening.


I've signed up to receive the Newsletter - when will I receive it?

From the New Year, our Newsletters will now be emailed out twice a month. They contain exclusive Newsletter competitions and new show information. Sign up here! If you haven't received your copy, please check your junk mailbox before getting in touch, just in case it's ended up there.


I've registered to the website but aren't receiving any Newsletters, why not?

It's a separate process. To sign up to the website and be able to enter competitions, click here. To sign-up to our email Newsletters, click here. 



How can I contact Choice TV?

If you would like to get in touch with us please email: info@choicetv.co.nz or helpdesk@choicetv.co.nz Or post to: Choice TV, PO Box 8257 Symonds Street, Auckland 1150. Or get in touch via our Facebook page.


I've emailed information@choicetv.co.nz but haven't heard back yet?

Please be patient - we're a fairly small team and answer queries as quickly as we can! If you haven't heard back within 4 working days, then try us again in case gremlins intercepted the mail.


How can I advertise on Choice TV?

For full details, see our Advertise page here